Center for Community Service and Community Education

Conducting Community Education Programs;

Mogadishu University shall contribute to the development of the society and encourage community participants in dealing with its colossal predicaments through various training, workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences, and short courses of the continuous education programs.

This center aim to serve for the community through education and consciousness. The center directly networks with the civil society organizations and provides short courses for continuing education purposes. Moreover, it organizes conferences and fosters relationships with community leaders and major organizations.

The center also holds workshops for the community leaders to promote leadership and good governance.

Characteristics of the center:

The importance of the center is to bridge the relationship between the local community and the university and the reverse the educational obstacles such as age and financial disability.

The Center, thorough research, develops new ideas of leadership and community development and shares (them) with the community.

Objectives of the center:

  1. Recruit student volunteers for community program participation.
  2. Propose and encourage community oriented research programs.
  3. Develop and cultivate students, academically and ideologically for the leadership of the communities.
  4. Engage researchers, professors to get involved in community services and promote education, peace, justice and equality – through raising community awareness.
  5. Link the university to the prominent members of the community, non-profit organizations, and other essential institutions.
  6. Promote and nurture the Somali language and culture and teach the non-Somalis.