Workshop On Campus Wireless Networks And Monitoring

by / Tuesday, 26 December 2017 / Published in Latest posts
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(26 – Dec – 2017 ) On Thursday, 21st December 2017, Mogadishu University representative, Eng. AbdisatarArabow, prticipated a three-day workshop on CAMPUS WIRELESS NETWORKS AND MONITORING held in East Africa University compass in Garawe, Puntland. The workshop was organized by Somali Research and Education Network, (SomaliREN.)

The purpose of the workshop was to develop technical skills of network engineers of the member universities affiliated to SomaliREN. The participants of this workshop discussed the principles and components of designing scalable campus wireless network and monitoring services. The training adopted 40-60 concepts and theories to hands-on exercises ratio. At the end of the workshop, participants shared ideas of how to maximize benefits of the learned lessons to utilize them at their home institutions.

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