The Second Volume of Somali Studies has been Published.

by / Sunday, 10 September 2017 / Published in Latest posts

(10- Sep- 2017) The Institute for Somali Studies has published the Somali Studies: A Peer-Reviewed Academic Journal for Somali Studies, Volume 2 (2017). This issue contains six research articles and three Somali poems.

SSJ is a broad scope multidisciplinary journal that devotes to Somali studies; published annually, in print and online forms, by the Institute for Somali Studies – Mogadishu University, Mogadishu, Somalia. SSJ aims to promote a scholarly understanding of Somalia, the Horn of Africa and the Somali diaspora communities around the globe. It is open access and all articles are freely available online on the website of the institute

SSJ invites the submission of articles for the coming issue, volume 3 (2018), from all Somalist scholars and researchers, both within and outside the Horn of Africa, for more details see here.

SSJ appreciates papers exploring the historical background or navigating the contemporary issues; special consideration will be given to issues which are critical to the recovery and rebuilding of Somalia, a country emerging from a devastating civil war.

Institute for Somali Studies (ISOS) is a research centre within Mogadishu University. The Institute aims at knowledge generation through research and analysis on Somalia, Horn of Africa, and the Somali communities in abroad.