Somali Center for Water & Environment

The Center was established to work for the betterment of the water and environment through research and development, and public education.

In a civil war setting, water and environment are the first victims of indiscriminate destruction.

Four factors are destroying the Somali environment:

  1. Contamination of water and environment.
  2. Recurrent droughts and occasional flooding.
  3. Indiscriminate fishing and hunting of land animals.
  4. Desertification, which is threatening the farmland.


Following are the objectives of the Center:

  1. Provide scientific research, which evaluates the extent of destruction suffered by the environment during the civil war.
  2. Perform scientific research which recommends better methods of environmental rehabilitation.
  3. Develop and propose policies for the protection of water and the environment.
  4. Educate the public and raise the mass awareness for the importance and protection of the water and environment.
  5. Promote safe domain for the animals.
  6. Organize seminars and workshops about water and environment to share information with like-mended environmental organizations.