Bachelor Degree In General Nursing

Bachelor Degree In General Nursing Description

 The Establishment

  • General Nursing Department was officially started in September 2004.

The Main Objectives:

  1. To produce highly qualified health professionals capable in delivering appropriate health services to the community and compliant to the ethics of the profession.
  2. Train health professionals who should be able to perform at the highest level of professional competence, both academically and practically;
  3. Train students who are able to apply the process of critical thinking and reasoning to various health problems;
  4. Be able to plan and implement training and educational programs for the community health worker;
  5. Conduct research and implement outreach programs to the community health needs;
  6. Train graduates who are innovative, ethical and able to contribute to the developmental‚ of own skills, knowledge and attitude
  7. To upgrade the skills and knowledge of health professionals by conducting varies of short term training programs, refresher courses, workshops and seminars.
  8. To promote among the students the culture of peace and self-reliance, respect for human rights and the good values of the society.
  9. Participate in health assessment in individual patients or community, screening, case finding and management of common health problems and injuries.
  10. Show leadership role ability in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of individual and community health services.
  11. Underline health education programs aimed at improving unhealthy attitudes of the individuals and community and maintain safe and healthy environment and to prevent occurrence of disease and promote awareness rising among individuals, groups and community.

Graduate student’s developments:

  • Some of graduate students continuing their post-graduate studies in different countries in the world such as Kenya, India, Malaysia, Uganda, Sudan, Sweden, England, China and others.
  • Some others are working hospitals in abroad such as: KSA, UAE, Qatar, Syria and UK.

While the most of graduate students serving their community, by working in hospitals, clinical, health institutions in the different regions in Somalia

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