MU participates in The IHL Regional Arabic

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( 8 – March –  2017 ) A highly organized regional course Jointly organized by the Arab Centre for Legal and judicial research, Arab League, and ICRC especially its office in Cairo, Egypt was held in Beirut, Lebanon. the course which lasted 8 days ( 20-28-Feb-2017 ) was addressed the following subjects :

International Humanitarian Law ( IHL ), Human Rights Law ( HRL ) as well as the structure of the International Criminal Court ( ICC ) and its jurisdiction to the crimes such as :

1) Genocide

2) Crimes Against Humanity

3) War crimes

4) Crime of aggression

Also in the course, it was discussed the roles between ICC and ICJ.

To consider the theme of the course in a various ways, the course was attended by different scholars mainly from middle East and Africa, and Mogadishu University was among those invited delegates to this significant course. Mr. Abdulkadir Sheikh Ahmed Maye, Dean of the faculty of Sharia and Law represented the University to this meeting.







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