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( 9 – March –  2017 )

In responding to the ongoing severe drought in Somalia, MU administration held an extraordinary meeting today 9/3/2017  and appointed a Drought Relief Committee which is responsible  to draw funds for the drought victims, is chaired by professor Dr. Mohamed Hussein Isse.

Among the speakers in the meeting, Professor Dr. Sheikh Ahmed, who stressed  the importance of helping each other in times of hardship, and appealed to Somali people who can  to  assist the drought victims.

Professor Dr. Ali Sheikh Ahmed, a former president, and a member of Board of Trustee, participated the meeting in a telephone line, called for Somali fellow to generously help their  brothers and sisters who are the drought victims and are in need of urgent help.

Finally, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal , the president of the university stressing the University’s leading role since its inception in helping Somali community in times of hardship and difficulties, urged MU staff (administrative and academic), and students as well as the alumni members to denote and contribute to whatever they can to help their brothers and sisters.















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