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( 11 – April –  2017 ) Memorial Day and remembrance for the late professor, and vice president of academic affairs Mogadishu University,  prof Ali Hassan , was organised  by Institute for Somali Studies (ISOS) – Mogadishu University,

The ceremony brought together, ministries, MPs, ambassadors, professors, who were either old friends, colleagues, family relatives or students, of late Professor.

First, Mustafa Feiruz , Director of ISOS, presented a brief history of late professor, Dr. Ali Hassan , describing him as a man of a wide knowledge of various life sciences including history and politics, who devoted his life in educating Somali people. Engineer Abdullahi Ali Hassan, the eldest member of the family, described his father, as “a man who loved his family, people and the country, and he had  deep-seated desire to promote education.”

Participating in the ceremony via skype, former president of MU, professor Dr. Ali sheikh Ahmed, who had known late professor for more than two decades, described him “a man whose life was based on character of integrity, hard work and patriotism who dedicated his life to educate his people”.  His excellency, Abdulkadir Amin, a Somali ambassador to Kuwait, who also participated via skype, said that late professor will be remembered for his significant contribution in the field of education as he was as a real educator and social reformer.

In concluding remarks, MU president Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Mursal described late professor Dr. Ali Hassan, “a man who  had firm adherence to a code of moral values, and compliance with the laws. He was also endowed with physical stamina. Among the lessons learned from late professor integrity, commitment and responsibility”. He said the university will take the responsibility of publishing late professor’s writings, and his name will attached to one of university’s buildings.

all participants who spoke in the ceremony said that late professor dr. Ali Hassan will be remembered for his contribution to the field of education

Late professor Dr. Ali Hasan died on March 14, 2017, at the age of 73 after serving for more than forty years in the field of education



















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