Honoring Ceremony for MU Outstanding Students

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(01- Jan – 2018) An Honoring Ceremony for Mogadishu University Outstanding Students

Each year, MU Students’ affairs office holds an honoring ceremony to those students who have made significant achievements in their academic performance. This year, on January 1st, 2018, students’ affairs office organized special event to honor last academic years’ outstanding (number one) students from all departments of the University for the Exams sat in the academic year of 2016/2017.

The participants were the honored students, their parents (to witness their children’s achievements) and some of the university administration. The aim was to congratulate and encourage the student to keep up that way; and also to show the parents the good results of their great efforts.

Among the key spears ware the MU vice president for relations, director of MU students’ affairs office, the director of MU institute for Somali studies, parent representative and some of the students. The students expressed their feelings and showed how happy they are to become the most outstanding students identified from the thousands of Mogadishu university students. On the other hand, the parents stated that this is a real appreciation of the efforts they have made and showed how satisfied and proud of they are with their children’s academic achievements. Finally, the university administration praised the students with the efforts they made to reach that far and hoped them for many future successes.

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