Mr. Salad Fidow Ibrahim

Mr. Salad Fidow Ibrahim

1. Key qualification

Country and date Description of the assignment 
Somalia, currently. English Language Trainer. 



Somalia, Currently. Mogadishu University English Language LecturerResponsibilities held:

Teaching English language skills to the students( reading, writing, speaking and listening)

Empowering students for language use capabilities.



2) Education and professional qualification:

Degrees/ professional qualification obtained Names of institution Dates attended
Master’s Degree of Arts Yemenia University 1997- 1999
Bachelor Degree of English/History College of education (Lafole) 1980

3) Employment Record:

Position held Organization Dates Country
English Teacher Mogadishu University and Jazeera University Currently Somalia

4) Languages

Language Spoken Writing Reading
Somali Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Excellent
Arabic Very Good Very Good Very Good


Certification:I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience


Salad Ibrahim Fidow