Mr. Omar Gure Sabrie

Mr. Omar Gure Sabrie

  1. Educational BACKGROUND

2012-2014 Post-graduate of MBA at ea Asian University in Malaysia

2003-2007 Bachelor degree of Physics at Banadir University in Mogadishu.

1985-1986 institute of language center, English advanced course, lack land air force base texas U.S.A.

1961-1965 Elementary school in Mogadishu – Somalia

1970-1973  intermediate school in Mogadishu – Somalia

1974-1977 secondary school in Mogadishu – Somali

  1. 3. army academy courses

1978-1980 signal Academy basic course in Somali army forces in Mogadishu – Somalia

1987 signal academy advance course in Georgia U.S.A Telecommunication engineering course, school of signal Dorset English U.K.

1989 Army high Academy ( Staff College) of Somali Army, in Mogadishu-Somali .

  1. 4. short courses and seminars

1977              Electronic and radio technology course in Roma, Italy (3motnths).

1977              Frequency management, antenna high gains, satellite microwave by Racal company (U.K) held ministry of defense of Somali Republic in Mogadishu ( 1) .

1981              shop operation/shop supply and inventory by O.M.C of America embassy, held ministry of defense of Somali Republic in Mogadishu Somali (3 months )

1992              method of teaches and lesson planning of English teaching established by international Aid Sweden in Mogadishu Somali ( 2 weeks)

2001              Course design and teaching development seminar, held Mogadishu University, facilitator Dr. Abdullahi Barise in Mogadishu Somalia (1week)

2001              computer course, Ms-Dos, Window, Microsoft office 2000, Ms-word 2000, Ms-Excel 2000, Ms Access 2000 National computer in Mogadishu Somalia (4 months)

2002              a world about research seminar, held in Mogadishu University, facilitator Dr. Hassan Mahad-alla in Mogadishu University (1week)

2004              completing training program in ( 3weeks)

  • Inter personal and communication skills.
  • Inter personal attitude.
  • The communication model skills.
  • Oran presentation skills.
  • Guide line in to better business writing.
  • Customer cate.
  • The value of a customer
  • Handling difficulty customer situation.
  • Public relations.
  • Telephone behavior.
  • Customer care program.

 T.Q.M (Total quality management)

  • The fundamental of T.Q.M
  • The customer supplier relations.
  • Problem solving for quality improvement.
  • Tools & techniques.
  • Providing leadership.
  • Completing training program. (2weeks)
  • Strategic Planning & operations management.
  • Principle of planning.
  • Strategic management.
  • Operation management
  • Productivity improvement
  • System and procedures.

Human resource management

  • Principle of human resources.
  • The cruitment process, Human resource planning.
  • Performance management and appraisal.
  • Training and development, Team building.

SOS self organization skills:

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Meeting management

Work shop and symposiums:

2001 Participation of workshop for discussed disarm of militia by Somali reconciliation and UNDP, in Mogadishu Somalia ( in 3 days)

2002 Participation of lobby and advocacy work shop organization of socda  in Mogadishu- Somalia  (3 days)

2002 participation of Somali national reconciliation conference work shop by center for dialogue (CRD) in Mogadishu Somali (1 day)

2002 participation of panel discussion workshop for HIV/AIDS and how best to prevent it sponsored by SYWA ( Somali young women activities) Mogadishu Somalia(2 days)

Participation of symposium discussed Somali reconciliation By Mogadishu University, guest speaker professor Abdi Ismail Samatar in Mogadishu Somalia.

2002 Participation of symposium discussed Somali reconciliation By Mogadishu University, guest speaker Author (written) Nordin Farah Hassan in Mogadishu Somalia (2days)

2002 participation of symposium discussed of U.S.A foreign policy in horn Africa in by center research and dialogue (CRD) and Mogadishu University guest speaker, John prender-qast in Mogadishu Somalia (1day)


Somali                       native

English                       very good

Italy                            good

Arabic                        not too bad

  1. work experience

1981 Teacher of electronic and radio technology for signal academy of Somali army force of cadets in Mogadishu Somalia.

1982 Head of training office and course commander school signals of Somali national army in Mogadishu Somalia.

1983 commander school signals of Somali national army in Mogadishu Somalia

1990 English instructor and vice director institute of language officer’s ministry of defense Somali republic in Mogadishu Somali

1992 15th October -20 January 1993 English teacher of waberi school Established by international aid Sweden in Mogadishu Somali

1993 10th February 1993 to march 1994 war working as electric Supervisor, time keeper and advisor for brown and root (American company) Mogadishu Somali.

1993 15th May 1994 to November 1994 chairman and owner Eagle construction and general service company (ES&GSC) in Mogadishu Somali.

6/7/1995 own of English private institute in Mogadishu Somali

1996 1st March to 31th August 1996 English teacher of school established Mercy international U.S.A in Mogadishu Somali.

1998 15th January 1998 to 2000 working Mogadishu university English teacher (lecturer) in Mogadishu Somalia.

2001 22th July appointed (designated) director of personnel office and Human resources of Mogadishu University as well as Teaching (lecturer)

2009 still working Mogadishu University and able to teach the following subjects:

  1. English
  2. Physics
  3. Education