Mr. Kamil Mohamed Siyad

Mr. Kamil Mohamed Siyad




2000 – 2003            Secondary School Leaving Certificate from Al-Ansaar Secondary School, Marka-Somalia


2004 – 2010            B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Red sea University, Portsudan-Sudan




09.2013 – on wards    Mogadishu University / Faculty of engineering

                                     I worked as a lecturer 


04.2013 – on wards    East Africa Modern  Engineering Company, Mogadishu- Somalia

I worked as Construction Supervisor

                            Main activities and responsibilities

  1. Monitoring the activities of subcontractors to ensure compliance with specifications and procedures.
  2. Implementation of corporate /project policies, procedures and instructions within assigned operations.
  3. Working with resident operating personnel to coordinate implementation activities.
  4. determining /reviews/ reports manpower requirements for filed activities.
  5. Monitoring scheduled work to performed and reviews work accomplished.




01.2013 – 03.2013  Horyal Construction and Water  Engineering Company, Mogadishu- Somalia

I worked as Construction Manager

                            Main activities and responsibilities

  1. Accomplishing construction human resource objectives by selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling and disciplining employees.
  2. Managing sub-contractors by locating evaluating and selecting sub-contractors monitoring and controlling performance.
  3. Accomplishing construction projects by conducting inspections at critical phases.
  4. Maintaining Safe, secure and healthy work environment by following and enforcing standards and procedures.


12.2011 – 01.2013    Horyal Construction and Water  Engineering Company, Mogadishu- Somalia

I worked as construction supervisor

                            Main activities and responsibilities

  1. supervision of latrines Construction.
  2. supervision of water supply system
  3. Supervision of two hospitals construction.
  4. supervisor of 1 school construction.

6 .Supervision of Number of residential homes and business buildings scattered around Mogadishu Include, Salam bank, Dahabshil bank, and others.


05.2010-10.2011       Regnol oil (K) ltd, Nairobi- Kenya

I worked as assistant to project manager

                              Main activities and responsibilities

  1. Making and implementing bar bending schedules
  2. Calculating bill of quantities for the varios projects
  3. health and safety measures at constuction sites

4.Developing the work flow of construction projects

5.Managing and supervising over 70 construction workers

6.Dealing with suppliers and procuring construction materials  










20.01.2011 – 20.02.2011       ArchiCAD Certificate, From Bell institute Nairobi- Kenya


01.10.2009 – 30.01.2009       Assistant of Tower Construction , Danfudio for constructing Portsudan-Sudan


15.06.2009 – 15.08.2009      AutoCAD Certificate, From UNESCO, Khartoum-Sudan



LANGUAGES: Language Read Write Speak Understand
1 Somali-mother tongue Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
2 English Very Good Very Good Good Very Good
3 Arabic Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent



1- Eng. Abdisalan Mohamed Mohamud

General Director at

Talosan engineering consultants


Tell: +252615536565


2-Eng.Mohamed Abdulkadir Mohamed

General director  at

Horyal construction and water engineering company


Tell: 252615665053


3-Eng. Abdulkadir Wardhere Kulane

Operation manager at

East Africa Modern Engineering Company (EAMECO)