Mr.Barrow Yarow Adam

Mr.Barrow Yarow Adam

Barrow Yarrow Adan graduated in English /Literature from Islamic University, in Uganda, where he obtained certificate in Remedial Studies.

In 2011, he started working as General Secretary of student union Islamic University, Uganda, until 2012.

In the meanwhile, from 2012 on until 2013, he has been working as Lecturer with SIMAD University at the department English Language. Besides, in 2013, he worked as Lecturer for English skills at Hope University, and then from 2013 up to the moment, he has been working as lecturer for English Language and Communication skills at Mogadishu University.


Speaks English, Kiswahili, Somali and Arabic.


  • He participated in the course Business English & Communication (5th Ed)


  • He participated in the course English Composition one (1st Ed)


  • He participated in the course Academic writing (3rd Ed)


  • He participated in the course English Vocabulary in Use



Barrow Yarrow Adan is interested in humanitarian assistance, voluntary work and also enjoys reading and traveling on regular basis.