91143 Dermatology

Course Description

During this course medical students are introduced to general Dermatology with emphasis on performing dermatological history and examination using dermatological descriptive terms. Topics include Anatomy, Physiology of Skin related to Clinical Dermatology, Infestations- Scabies/Pediculosis, Bacterial & Mycobacterial infections, Fungal and Viral diseases, Acne vulgaris, Eczemas, Psoriasis /Lichen planus, ullous disorders, Pigmentary disorders, Disorders of nails, Disorders of hairs and Sexually transmitted diseases.

Learning Objective

  • By the end of this course, students are expected to 1. Students should know the basic Anatomy, physiology and function of various skin structures, layers and as an Immune organ (skin immune system).
  • 1. Students should become able to do History and dermatological examination using dermatological descriptive terms (primary and secondary lesions).
  • 2. Students should become familiar with Bed-side diagnostic tools used in dermatology that can help in narrowing or reaching definitive diagnosis for various Dermatoses.
  • 3. Students are expected to know clinical presentations, complications, diagnostic workup for common Dermatoses.
  • 4. Students are expected to know basic principles about managing common dermatological disorders.



Books for this Course

  • Clinical Dermatology, 4th edition by HUNTER, SAVIN and DAHL.
  • Treatment of skin diseases – J.S. Pasricha
  • Illustrated Text Book of Dermatology - J.S. Pasricha
  • Text Book of Dermatology and Venereology – Neena Khanna
  • Atlas of Dermatology – L.K. Bhutani

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016