91139 Obstetrics & Gynecology (1)

Course Description

This is two semesters cours- The main goal of medical students in obstetrics and Gynecology is that student acquires understanding of anatomy; physiology and pathophysiology of the reproductive system, gynecological conditions effecting women, antenatal, delivery and postnatal care. Obstetric Pharmacology, Physiological changes during pregnancy, Minor Disorders/complications of pregnancy -Pregnancy induced hypertension/pre-eclampsia/eclampsia, placenta Previa, placenta abruption-. Carcinoma of cervix, Carcinoma of uterus, Uterine fibroids/fibromyota of uterus, Male and female infertility, Carcinoma of the breast, Ectopic pregnancy, Gestational trophoblastic disease -hydatidiform mole disease-, Fistulae – vvf, rvf, Cancer of the ovaries , Abortion and gain the ability to optimally manage common conditions affecting it to deal with common emergency situation in this field. This course also emphasis on the practical aspects of obstetrics and gynecology. The rotation weeks, students will be involved in the daily morning report, clinical rounds, and outpatient clinics.

Learning Objective

  • By the end of this course, students are expected to:
  • 1. Describe common obstetrics and gynaecology diseases
  • 2. Take proper obstetrics and gynaecology clinical history, conduct proper physical examination, and detect physical signs of obstetrics and gynaecology illnesses
  • 3. Generate a problem list or differential diagnosis for common obstetrics and gynaecology problems
  • 4. Investigate common obstetrics and gynaecology problems in a rationale way
  • 5. Build up proper relations with colleagues, patients, staff members, nurses, and technicians working in the hospital



Books for this Course

  • Shaw’s text book of Gynaecology by Dr.Daftari&V.Pdubeidri
  • Text book of Obstetrics – by Dr.DL.Dutta
  • Text Book of Gyanecology – by Dr.D.C.Dutta
  • Text Book of Obstetrics – Dr.C.S.(Dawn)
  • Text Book of Gynaecology – Dr.C.S.Dawn
  • Text Book of Obstetrics – Dr.G.R.K.Raju
  • Manual of Obstetrics – Dr.SirishDaftary
  • Text Book of Obstetrics – by Mudaliar

Times Offered

  • January 2016
  • September 2015