91137 Pediatrics

Course Description

This is two semesters course - the broad goal of the teaching of medical students in Pediatrics is to acquire knowledge, appropriate skills for optimally dealing with major health problems of children and to ensure their optimal growth and development. Skills related to performing physical examination on neonatal, infant, children and clinical problem solving, general pediatrics, neonatal medicine, adolescent medicine, emergency medicine/critical ill/injured child, health education, promotion/counselling, diagnoses management/treatment of childhood illness are also emphasized. Principle of preventive medicine such as vaccination and nutrition are covered in this course. Rotation weeks, students are directly supervised by clinical instructors on the common pediatric diseases

Learning Objective

  • By the end of this course, students are expected to
  • 1. Describe common pediatric diseases
  • 2. Take proper pediatric clinical history, conduct proper physical examination, and detect physical signs of pediatric illnesses
  • 3. Generate a problem list or differential diagnosis for common pediatric problems
  • 4. Investigate common pediatric problems in a rationale way
  • 5. Build up proper relations with colleagues, patients, staff members, nurses, and technicians working in the hospital
  • 6. Put plan of management for common pediatric diseases.
  • 7. Take focused clinical history and relevant examination, and able to integrate these into disease process and differential diagnosis list
  • 8. List common investigation used to establish diagnosis and recognize indication and limitation of these investigations.
  • 9. Build communication skills and appropriate behavior that is needed to interact with patient families and other medical colleagues and staff member.
  • 10. Participate in carring for pediatric patient by present cases in morning report, management round, out patient department and night calls



Books for this Course

  • Nelson Textbook of pediatrics , 19th edition by Robert M Kliegman , Bonita , Joseph Nine Schar and RechardBehraman
  • IAP Text Book of Pediatrics.
  • Essential Pediatrics by O.P.Ghai.
  • Text Book of Neonatology by Meharban Singh.
  • Text Book of Pediatrics by SurajGupte.
  • Clinical methods in Pediatrics by Meharban Singh
  • Principles of Pediatrics, by Tirthankar Dutta.
  • Approach to Pediatric Problems by S.K.Mittal& Vijay Aggarwal.

Times Offered

  • September 2014
  • January 2015