91134 General Medicine (1)

Course Description

This is two semesters course- the main goal of the teaching of medical students in the general medicine is to have the knowledge skills and behavioral attributes to function effectively as the first contact physician. Students are expected to cover core medical problems (attached) through daily bed side teaching rounds and attending specialty outpatient clinics. Throughout the course students will have interactive lecturer and workshops that cover a wide variety of common and important medical problems. Students are also expected to participate in the weekly educational activities (attached).

Learning Objective

  • 1. Interview patients and perform a complete and focused physical examination
  • 2. Consolidate their knowledge of abnormal physical findings
  • 3. Perform analysis of clinical and laboratory information
  • 4. Improve their presentation skills in describing the chief problems and a plan for treatment.
  • 5. In-house calls and prepare a complete history and physical examination for new patient admitted to the service
  • 6. Periodically follow up patients' status including interpretation of new findings
  • 7. Use and interpret laboratory and radiographic tests used in diagnosing common disease (able to read chest radiograph, EKG, spirometry, blood film.
  • 8. Recognize and manage situations related to common emergencies



Books for this Course

  • 1. Davidsion’s Principles and Practice of Medicine, ELBS-Livingstone publications
  • 2. Kumar & Clark’ Clinical Medicine – A textbook for medical students and doctors, ELBS publications
  • 3. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, McGraw Hill publications (Reference book)
  • 4. Oxford Textbook of Medicine Vol I & II, ELBS publication (Reference book)
  • 5. Hutchison’s Clinical Methods, ELBS publications
  • 6. Macleod’s Clinical Examination, ELBS publications
  • 7. API textbook of Medicine