91133 Ophthalmology

Course Description

The broad goal of the teaching of medical students in ophthalmology is to provide
such knowledge and skills to the student that shall enable to practice as a clinical and as a primary eye care physician and also to function effectively as a leader to assist in the implementation of national Programme for the prevention of Somali blindness and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. Topics on: Introduction to Ophthalmology, Basic anatomy and Physiology of the eye, Examination of The Eye, caring for the patient, external eye diseases (Diseases of the Eye Lids, Diseases of the Lacrimal Apparatus, Orbital Infection), differential diagnosis of red eye, Community ophthalmology (Cataract, Trachoma, Refractive Error and Strabismus, presbyobia , surgical aphakia, childhood blindness, Glaucoma), Eye injuries, systemic diseases and the eye

Learning Objective

  • At the end of the course the student shall be able to :
  • 1. To introduce the student to the basic concepts in ophthalmology and the get him familiar with common ophthalmic disorders and Common problems affecting the eye
  • 2. Magnitude of blindness in India and its main causes
  • 3. Principles of management of major ophthalmic emergencies
  • 4. Major systemic diseases affecting the eye
  • 5. Effect of local and systemic diseases on the patient’s vision and the necessary action required to minimise the sequelae of such diseases and the Adverse drug reactions with special reference to ophthalmic manifestations
  • 6. National programme for prevention of blindness and its implementation at various level
  • 7. Eye care education for prevention of eye problems and the Role of Primary Health Centres



Books for this Course

  • Parsons’ Diseases of the Eye By Stephen J.H.Miller
  • Ophthalmology by Khurana
  • Text book of Ophthalmology by Sarma
  • Text book of Ophthalmology by neema

Times Offered

  • September 2014
  • January 2015