91125 Endocrine system

Course Description

This course introduces major concepts of the anatomy and function of the various endocrine glands, their location, relations, blood supply, nerve supply and lymphatic drainage , Clinical manifestations of common endocrine disorders. This course also covers the understanding of clinical medicine related to endocrine regulation and homeostasis is emphasized.

Learning Objective

  • At the end of the course the student should be able to:
  • 1. Structures of various endocrine glands, their development, their histology and their blood supply.
  • 2. The nature, functions, physiologic roles and mechanisms of action of hormones.
  • 3. Hormone regulation and effects of deranged endocrine functions.
  • 4. Pathogenesis, morphological changes and complications of diseases affecting the endocrine system.
  • 5. The use of hormones and drugs in diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders.



Books for this Course

  • (1) Principles of Human Anatomy. By G.J. Tortora, latest edition.
  • (2) Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students: By R.S. Snell, latest edition.
  • (3) Textbook of Medical Physiology. By Guyton and Hall, latest edition.
  • (4) Harper’s Biochemistry. By Robert K. Murray and Co., latest edition.
  • (5) Lippincott’s IIIustrated Reviews: Pharmacology, latest edition.
  • (6) Basic Pathology. By Kumar, Cotran and Robbins, latest edition.
  • (7) Medical Microbiology. An Introduction to Infectious Diseases. By Sheries, latest edition.

Times Offered

  • September 2014
  • January 2015