82114 Surveying (2)

Course Description

The Course DescrSurveying Drafting and Computations: General, Maps and Plans, Plotting, Contour Maps, Profiles, Cross- sections, End areas and Volumes, Prismoidal formula, Calculation of volumes, Area computations, Area by graphical analysis, Use of surveying software.
Highway and Railway Curves: Route surveys, Circular curves, Deflections and Chord calculations, Setting out circular curve by various methods, Compound curves, Reverse, Vertical, Parabolic curves, Computation of the high or low point on a vertical curve, Design considerations, Spiral curves, Spiral curve computations, Approximate solution for spiral problems, Superelevation.
Construction Surveys: Introduction, Horizontal and Vertical control, Buildings, Rail Road, Pipelines and other construction surveys.
Hydrographic Surveys: General, Objectives of hydrographic survey and electronic charting, Planning, Survey vessels, Vertical control, Depth and Tidal measurements, Position-fixing techniques, Sounding plan, Horizontal control, Processing and Presentation of data.
Photogrammetry: Introduction, Aerial photogrammetry and its applications, Flying heights, Flight planning, Relief displacement, Photograph overlap, Ground control for mapping, Mosaics, Stereoscopic viewing and parallax, Stereo plotting instruments, Analytical plotters, Orthophotos, Photogrammeteric mapping.



Books for this Course

  • Route Surveying and Design; Harper Collins Publishers, by Carle F. Meyer and David W. Gibson, 1980

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite