82113 Surveying (1)

Course Description

The Course DescriptionIntroduction: Introduction to land surveying, definitions of basic surveying terms, branches and their application, Instruments used. Techniques: Distance measurement techniques, Theodolite and its Types, Traversing and Triangulation, Bearings and Meridians, Plane Table Surveying. Computation of areas and volumes by various methods.
Modern Methods in Surveying: Principles of EDM Operation, EDM Characteristics, Total Stations, Field procedures for Total Stations in Topographic Surveys, Construction layout using Total Stations.
Leveling and Contouring: Methods and types of levels, Precise leveling. Methods and applications of contouring.
Surveying Drafting and Computations: Maps and Plans, Plotting, Contour Maps, Profiles, Cross- sections, Prismoidal formula, Computations of area and volumes by graphical analysis and use of surveying software.
Field Work: Horizontal and Vertical control, Construction Surveys, Railways, Highways, Pipelines and other infrastructures, Layout of buildings and structures.



Books for this Course

  • Fundamentals of Surveying, by Schmidt and Kam W. Wong

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016