6121 Cyber Law and Ethics

Course Description

This course is designed to educate students in the foundations of cyber law ethical practices and to guide them in exploring topics of current concern to law enforcement, government, and business. This course covers issues, practices, and controversies in the emerging field of cyber law ethical practices interpreting uses of emerging and converging technologies to fight cyber crime.

Course Description

Learning Objective

  • 1. Represent the concept and principles of cyber laws and jurisdiction to instill social skills and responsibilities
  • 2. Interpret the use of cyber laws in daily lives which has affected the society; facilitate the organizations and individuals in many aspects of professionalism and humanities.
  • 3. Explain appropriate types of cyber laws in the business environment to generate entrepreneurship and managerial skills.
  • 4. Understand intellectual property rights issues, 5. Understand the legal obligations of a computer professional,
  • 5. Understand the importance of professional codes of conduct, and 7. be able to derive and justify a personal position on moral and ethical matters related to computers in society.



Books for this Course

  • Law and the internet,3th Edition, lilian edwards

Course Prerequisite