61154 Final Project

Course Description

The Graduation Project challenges students to go beyond the learning that occurs as the result of their prescribed educational program by developing projects that demonstrate their intellectual, technical and creative abilities. Students shall complete their projects in areas of concentrated study under the direction and supervision of faculty members. The Graduation Projects are major undertaking that must be successfully completed as part of students' graduation requirements. Students must choose supervisors as advisors and resource persons, working with supervisors, students will develop and complete projects of educational significance. Although various forms of assistance will be made available, the primary initiatives for completion of the projects lie with the students.

Learning Objective

  • • Understand and apply essential facts, concepts, principles, theories, and practices relating to computer science, information systems, and software applications in the context of well-defined scenarios, showing judgment in the selection and application of tools and techniques, whereby, both the process and the product are integral parts of this activity.
  • • Identify and analyze criteria and specifications appropriate to specific problems, plan strategies for their solution, use such knowledge and understanding in the modeling and design of computer based systems, develop and implement a software system along with appropriate documentation.
  • • Analyze the extent to which a computer based system meets the criteria defined for its current use and future development.
  • • Apply the principles of effective information management, information organization, information retrieval skills, and the human computer interaction to the evaluation and construction of user interfaces web pages.
  • • Understand and explain the quantitative dimensions of a problem, and exercise presentation skills to a range of audiences about technical problems and their solutions.
  • • Be able to work effectively as a member of a development team and under guidance.
  • • Manage one's own learning and development, including time management and organizational skills.
  • • Appreciate the need for continuing professional development.



Times Offered

  • September 2014
  • January 2015

Course Prerequisite