61148 Applied Internet Technology

Course Description

The course covers several general-purpose topics: using and building generic types, writing multi-threaded applications, the Reflection API and annotations, and network programming using sockets. It combines nicely with various other courses in the Java curriculum, each of which is also "advanced Java" of some sort: JDBC, secure coding, Swing GUI programming, design patterns, and so on.

Learning Objective

  • 1. Develop ability to utilize latest J2EE specification to develop reliable, scalable, secure transaction-oriented Web applications.
  • 2. Develop ability to deploy J2EE applications using a J2EE-compliant application server.
  • 3. Learn to write and implement various enterprise javabean components such as entity beans, session beans and message driven beans.



Books for this Course

  • J2EE: the complete Reference, Jim Keogh

Times Offered

  • September 2014
  • January 2015

Course Prerequisite