61133 Network Security

Course Description

This course covers  the basic issues and principles of surveying cryptographic and network security techniques, including classical encryption techniques, block cipher and the data encryption standard, finite fields as well as advanced encryption standards. The course also explains the contemporary symmetric ciphers, public-key cryptography and RSA, digital signatures, etc.

Learning Objective

  • 1. Understand Network Devices functions and configurations hub, switch, tap and routers)
  • 2. Understand Network Security Devices (IDS, Firewall..etc)
  • 3. Understand and analyze network services.
  • 4. Understand and analyze application performance
  • 5. Understand and analyze network traffic and protocols
  • 6. Understand network-troubleshooting concepts.
  • 7. Understand network security concepts.
  • 8. Understand network intrusions and how to identify them such as a. Computer Viruses b. Network worms c. Botnets



Course Prerequisite