61114 Programming Language (1)

Course Description

The course introduces the fundamental concepts of programming using C. It covers basic programming tools, such as variable names, data types, operators and operands. Then it covers programming control structures, conditional and iterative. Program composition of functions, function definitions, parameter passing to functions, and function library concepts are introduced. Principles and basic operations of arrays are then covered.

Learning Objective

  • 1. Improve the background for choosing appropriate programming languages for certain classes of programming problems
  • 2. Be able in principle to program in an imperative (or procedural), an object-oriented, a functional, and a logical programming language
  • 3. Understand the significance of an implementation of a programming language in a compiler or interpreter
  • 4. Increase the ability to learn new programming languages
  • 5. Increase the capacity to express programming concepts and choose among alternative ways to express things
  • 6. Simulate useful features in languages that lack them
  • 7. Be able in principle to design a new programming language
  • 8. Make good use of debuggers and related tools



Books for this Course

  • Introduction to computers , Computer Maintainance

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016