53132 Practical Training (4)

Course Description

The course will covers, all aspects of public health concern of Markets such as milk, eggs and fish hygiene. Food safety is an important component of public health about how foodborne illness is transmitted, how it impacts public health, and how it can be controlled. This course also describes sea port, Airport and borders health section carries out quarantine functions to prevent the introduction of dangerous infectious diseases into the country and scope, principles and responsible authorities, point of entry. General provisions, special provision for conveyances and conveyance operators, special provisions for travelers, special provision for goods, container and container loading area, health documents, charges and quarantine communicable diseases

Learning Objective

  • 1.Have a knowledge about the market inspection such as shops, meat, milk borne diseases, transmission routes, and the prevention
  • 2. Apply the methods of milk, egg and fish inspection
  • 3. Determine methods of making egg and fish safe
  • 4. Apply procedures of egg and fish preservation.
  • 5. Identify purpose of health quarantine
  • 6. Understand difference between quarantine and isolation.
  • 7. Explain disease prevention and control.
  • 8. Mention quarantine communicable diseases
  • 9. List protection methods of the different quarantine diseases



Books for this Course

  • Lecturers' Notes , Daud Ahmed Mohamed 2015

Times Offered

  • February 2016
  • June 2016

Course Prerequisite