53131 Health Education & Health Promotion (1)

Course Description

The course is intended to equip students with relevant experience and the role of public healthpersonnelin health education (both curative and preventing), skills of promoting and awareness rising, maintains of health prevention of diseases are main component of the course.
This course provides students with a foundational understanding of the professional fields of health education and health promotion. Students will gain a greater understanding of the theories, elements, practices, and principles that contribute to health education and promotion activities.
Topics include:Introduction health education, Human Behavior/Health, Communication Skills, Training, Counselling, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Health Education Programs

Learning Objective

  • 1. Define and Describe Introduction health education
  • 2. Describe /identify Human Behavior and Health
  • 3. Describe Communication Skills
  • 4. Describe Training, Counselling
  • 5. Describe Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Health Education Programs



Books for this Course

  • Health education & Health Promtion Notes, Abdikadir Aden (2014)
  • Lecture notes, AMREF Health Education
  • a text book of health eduction by ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Times Offered

  • February 2016
  • June 2016

Course Prerequisite