53128 Food hygiene and Safety (2)

Course Description

The course will covers, all aspects of public health concern of milk, eggs and fish hygiene. Food safety is an important component of public health. This course is based on presenting the basic principles and practice of food safety. Will be presenting information about how foodborne illness is transmitted, how it impacts public health, and how it can be controlled. The course will have four major components: foodborne pathogens, foodborne chemical and physical hazards, foodborne biological toxins and allergens, and the management activities required to ensure food safety and public health. Topics include: Milk hygiene, milk-borne diseases, Egg and fish hygiene

Learning Objective

  • 1.Apply the methods of milk, egg and fish inspection
  • 2.Determine methods of making egg and fish safe
  • 3.Have a knowledge about the milk borne diseases, transmission routes, and the prevention
  • 4.Apply procedures of egg and fish preservation.



Books for this Course

  • 1. Food Hygiene & Safety 1 notes, Walid A. Osman (2014)
  • 2. Williams, Trefor food, Environment and health guide for priamry school teachers
  • 3. Meat Hygiene by Kavita Marwaha
  • 4. Gebre-emanuel Teka, food Hygiene; principles and methods of food borne disease control with special reference to Ethiopia, 1997

Times Offered

  • February 2016
  • June 2016

Course Prerequisite