53121 Waste Management (1)

Course Description

This course provides an understandingin important aspects of various areas of solid waste management. It considers solid waste policy (both domestic and international), and examines appropriate methods of (storage, collection, transfer, treatment and disposal appropriate for our region). Topics include: introduction of solid waste management-strategic planning, decisions making of solid waste management, public involvement & participation in solid waste management, Solid waste management programme, collection & transfer of municipal solid waste, solid waste management techniques, recycling of solid waste management, waste disposal techniques, solid waste management of biomedical waste, plastic and E-waste.

Learning Objective

  • By the end of the course, the students will be able to:
  • 1. Define solid wastes and Explain integrated sustainable solid waste management
  • 2. Describe scope, scope, sources, types and program matrix on solid waste management of solid waste management.
  • 3. Discuss risks and problems associated with solid wastes and the advantages of determining the composition of solid wastes
  • 4. Describe the functional elements of solid waste management program and List the importance of waste quantities and Identify methods used to quantify solid waste quantities
  • 5. Determine waste generation rates and Identify factors that affect waste generation rates
  • 6. Discuss the importance of onsite handling of solid waste and list types of containers that can be used to store solid waste
  • 7. Explain types of collection, services, equipment and routing system
  • 8. Explain solid waste processing methods and the key concepts in municipal solid waste processing
  • 9. Discuss the purpose of transport and transfer stations in the process of solid Wastes management and the different solid waste disposal methods
  • 10. Define institutional solid waste and discuss the public health importance of health- care institution waste
  • 11. Describe social and management problems of community-based solid waste management
  • 12. Examine the nature of the decision-making process in the field of solid waste management.
  • 13. Determine the challenges associated with planning appropriate solid waste management in Somalia



Books for this Course

  • Solid waste Waste Managemetnby K. Sasikumar, Snoop Gopi Krishna

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite