53115 Epidemiology (1)

Course Description

this course is designed to focuses the occurrence and of communicable/non communicable disease and its effect in health, coverage and utilization of health services and how status of health is affected. It also covers community diagnosis aspects with emphasis particularly (introduction to epidemiology, measuring health and diseases, Types of studies, Basic biostatistics: concept an tools, Causation in epidemiology, Epidemiology and prevention: chronic non communicable diseases).

Learning Objective

  • At the end of this course the students should be able to:
  • 1. Define epidemiology and categorize it
  • 2. Be familiar with measuring morbidity and mortality
  • 3. Get concept about comparing disease occurrence
  • 4. Get knowledge about basic statistics
  • 5. Get concept about disease causation
  • 6. Be familiar with levels of prevention
  • 7. Understand epidemiology of communicable disease



Books for this Course

  • Basic Epidemiology By R. Bonita, R. Beaglehole and T. Kjellstrِm 2nd ed(WHO)

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite