52147 Food & Water Microbiology

Course Description

Introduces students to the basic principles of Food and water Microorganism. This course emphasis various microorganisms in food, drinking water, surface water, and wastewater; current standard procedures for detecting these microorganisms; and methods for treatment, control, or elimination

Learning Objective

  • 1.Determine the sanitary quality and purification of water
  • 2.Develop general concept of diseases caused by foodborne and waterborne pathogens
  • 3.Will have knowledge and comprehensive understanding about wastewater treatment and disposal
  • 4.Select a suitable method for microbial examination of food and water
  • 5.Understand the techniques used to control food and water microorganisms



Books for this Course

  • Microbiological Analysis of Food and Water: Guidelines for Quality Assurance by by N.F. Lightfoot and E.A. Maier

Times Offered

  • september 2015
  • jaunuary 2016

Course Prerequisite