52143 medical-laboratory Practice (2)

Course Description

Practical, general workplace training supported by an individualized learning plan developed by the employer, college, and student.This practice provides practical hematology including: HB, PCV, RBC indices(MCV, MCH, MCHC), blood films, preparation of stains, total WBC count, differential count, total RBC count, total platelets count, ESR, PT, CT and clinical Chemistry

Learning Objective

  • At the end of this course the student is expected to:
  • 1. practice laboratory procedures of Clinical Bacteriology, Immunology & Serology, Clinical Chemistry, and Hematology
  • 2. practice basic skills and techniques of blood sample collection
  • 3. Introduce the student to the hematology lab.
  • 4. Learn the basic techniques used in counting & the clinical implication of this count.
  • 5. .Learn the basic techniques in doing Hb, PCV, & RBCs
  • 6. Understand how to calculate RBCs values & their clinical significance
  • 7. Learn the basic techniques of WBCs and differential count.
  • 8. Understand total leukocytic count, the differential leukocytic count & their clinical significance.
  • 9. Learn how to calculate the relative leukocytic count & its clinical significance.
  • 10. Learn and the basic techniques
  • 11. Practice true and related liver function tests , renal function test and lipid/proteins and glucose test
  • 12. Practice widal and Weil-felix tests, Brucella Abortus, pregnancy test / different tests for pregnancy,
  • 13. Describe and practice the laboratory diagnosis of HIV, tests for viral hepatitis.
  • 14. Describe clinical significance of CRP and other plasma proteins and Practice the test used for detection of creative proteins
  • 15. Explain the properties streptolysin O and Practical the tests for streptolysin O.
  • 16. Explain the characterstics of rheumatoid factor and Practice the serologic test for rheumatoid factor.
  • 17. Practice different stains including simple stain, gram stain, malachite green stain and preparation of media
  • 18. Identify the use of autoclaves and incubator



Books for this Course

  • Varrious practical procdures in the Laboratory with Students

Times Offered

  • Febreury 2016
  • June 2016

Course Prerequisite