51165 Field Trips For Rural Health

Learning Objective

  • On completion of this course, students should be able to:
  • 1. Describe the concepts for rural health assessment
  • 2. Plan a search for a rural practice career.
  • 3. Demonstrate methods for engaging communities in planning and evaluating their health systems.
  • 4. List the core functions of public health in rural communities.
  • 5. List key areas of rural health research along with the current knowledge gained by the research.
  • 6. Describe and analyze public policy initiatives that will have an influence on the practice in rural communities.
  • 7. Describe the relationship between rural health systems and well-being of the communities services
  • 8. Demonstrate cultural competency in working with and caring for patients and communities.
  • 9. Demonstrate an understanding of health information technology in rural settings.
  • 10. Describe models of primary practice and how they could be developed in rural settings.
  • 11. Identify resources to enhance rural clinic practice



Books for this Course

  • Project Development notes, Sino Allay Zakayo (2012)

Times Offered

  • September 2014
  • January 2015