51131 Communicable Disease (CDC)

Course Description

The course gives the students detailed knowledge of communicable diseases: types, their clinical features, management, control and their prevention in any health care setting. It includes:
Introduction to communicable diseases, principle of infection and prevention control, contact diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, feco-oral transmitted diseases, air-borne diseases. Arthropod or intermediate vector-borne diseases, zoonotic diseases.

Learning Objective

  • By the end of the course the student should be able to:
  • 1. Describe communicable diseases
  • 2. Explain the epidemiologic principles in the control and prevention of communicable diseases
  • 3. Describe the surveillance concepts as applied in communicable diseases
  • 4. Name the notifiable diseases as stipulated in the Public Health Act
  • 5. Explain the approaches used in responding to epidemics.
  • 6. Describe the infection prevention and control concepts
  • 7. Explain the relationship between travel industry and travel medicine
  • 8. Define some common terms applied in immunization and Describe the EPI concept
  • 9. List and describe factors that favour the transmission of contact (contagious) diseases
  • 10. Define sexually transmitted infections and Describe the risk factors for STDs. Explain the syndromic management of STDs
  • 11. Identify common vector borne diseases within your working environments and discuss the principles of vector control.
  • 12. Describe the spread of vector borne diseases
  • 13. Describe the classification and epidemiology of helminthes, the life cycles of helminthes that affect humans and Diagnose helminthic diseases
  • 14. Describe RTIs and their causative agencies and Outline the epidemiology of RTIs and their mode of transmission
  • 15. Describe causative agencies of meningitis and its and TB and leprosy.
  • 16. Give examples of diseases transmitted through contact with animals or animal products.



Books for this Course

  • communicable Diseases notes, Abdikadir Aden (2014)
  • Lecture notes, AMREF Communicable Diseases
  • Modern Infecious Diseases Epidimiology by Johan Giesecke

Times Offered

  • February 2016
  • June 2016

Course Prerequisite