4431 Human Resources Development

Course Description

This course examines the primary role of human resources development (HRD) in the organization to help people and organizations effectively manage change. This highly interactive course focuses on strategies for assessing, designing, and implementing training and organizational development efforts that positively impact the performance of the individual and the work group. The course also provides an overview of change interventions, including training and staff development; succession planning and performance management; factors that influence HRD; the consulting role and skills of the HRD professional, including facilitation and group dynamics; and the trends in HRD, such as human performance technology and the work out process model.

Learning Objective

  • This course is designed to provide the practical application of the theories and tools learned in this and other classes when dealing with HRD functions. It will focus on the role of HR in impacting executive leadership, line management, staff development, performance management, change, succession planning and training



Books for this Course

  • Harris, David. M and Desimone Rady L (2001), Human Resource Development, The Dryden Press, Orlando

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite