4412 Labor Law & Social Law

Course Description

This course deals with general principles of labor law, individual labor contracts, collective labor contracts, social security, the law of social security and its importance, work injuries and illness, and old age insurance especially in the Somalia.

Learning Objective

  • The primary objectives of this course are:
  • 1. To enable the student to grasp the fundamental principles of labor law and the modes of its enforceability.
  • 2. To enable students understand the procedural machinery applicable in resolving labor disputes.
  • 3. To enable students understand the international legal framework on labor law and the various ILO conventions.
  • 4. To enable students understand the nature, evolution and the functioning of trade unions
  • 5. To equip students with knowledge and understanding on how to handle trade unions affaires
  • 6. To enable students understand the modes of exploring and resolving matters relating collective bargaining and unionizations
  • 7. To enable students understand the salient features of collective bargaining processes



Books for this Course

  • An Introduction to Labor Law, 2014 By Michael Evan Gold

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite