4411 Constitutional Law

Course Description

This course studies constitutional law, its nature and distinction from other branches of law, the definition of the constitution, the source of constitutional consequences, and kinds of constitutions, their origins and developments. The diminishing relative value of constitutions and the means for protecting them through censorship and its applications the course studies as well the state, its legal attributes, system of government, the concept of government and its various types with samples of current governing system. It will examine also the constitutional system in the federal state Somalia, its origins and development and the consequences of the supreme council and federal council and federal justice system .

Learning Objective

  • Constitution Law have four main objectives:
  • 1. You should develop an understanding of the role of the judiciary in shaping society and our system of government.
  • 2. You should become familiar with the most important principles of constitutional law and the historical context of the cases you analyze.
  • 3. You should develop the ability to summarize court cases into concise legal briefs
  • 4. You should develop an ability to use precedents, logic, and evidence to evaluate Supreme Court decisions and predict future court decisions.



Books for this Course

  • Kanovitz, J. (2012). Constitutional law, 13 edition.

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite