4403 Public Organization Management in Somalia

Course Description

Study of the managerial dimension of public Organizations. Role and functions of public managers: planning, decision-making and evaluation, human resources management, budget management and control, leadership. Nature and distinct environment of public management compared to management in the private sector: traditional public administration and the new public management. Contemporary issues in public management.

Learning Objective

  • The main objectives of the course are to:
  • 1. Provide students with a solid understanding of the principles, institutions, and processes underpinning Somali public management
  • 2. Expose students to contending theoretical approaches to public management and their applicability to current public management issues
  • 3. Ensure that students develop a working knowledge of key reforms, issues, challenges and trends in contemporary public management



Books for this Course

  • Understanding and Managing Public Organizations (2nd Edition, 1997) by Hal G. Rainey

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite