43231 Public Law

Course Description

This course introduce the students to definition and general principles of public law; definition of state; people; land; state sovereignty; power division; objective and subjective laws internal and external public law; original public law; politica organizations; public institutions; government forms of state; feudal, apsulute stali, modern state, participation of people in government, democratic states and divisions, monarchy and republic confederation, parliament, head of state, attigne, and types of liberty.

Learning Objective

  • The objectives of course are:
  • 1. Provide an in-depth exploration of a Public Law
  • 2. Explain and apply relevant theories and laws in Public Law.
  • 3. Interpret theories and doctrines, and give recommendations where appropriate.
  • 4. Show the ability to analyze various aspects of Public Law, review, and synthesize knowledge.



Books for this Course

  • Introduction to Public Law by Elisabeth Zoller,2011

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite