42128 Trade System

Course Description

Theory of international trade, trade policy, free trade vs protection role of the change of commerce, trade restrictions, tariff & quota, trade of foreign exchange and its control, WTC, regional trade organizations, business cycle and stabilization, adjusting balance of payment & corrective measures.

Learning Objective

  • The primary objectives of this course are:
  • 1. To understand underlying theory of specialization and international interdependence, with an emphasis on the principle of comparative advantage
  • 2. To understand the Open economics, including the theory underlying the determination of exchange rates and the balance of payment
  • 3. Understand the impact o trade on aggregate output and employment, and systems of international trade between the countries.



Books for this Course

  • Trading Systems and Methods, 5th Edition by Perry J. Kaufman

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite