42124 Sales, Purchases & Storage Management

Course Description

This course gives the students idea about sales operation, its arrangement and suitable behavior with the consumers, their cultures. The course also covers planning of sales operations, organize, supervise, and control it.

This course also discusses the importance of techniques used in purchasing and ware-housing with particular focus on raw materials, supplies capital equipment and service contacts. The topics of need assessments, requisitions, supplier qualification and selection, ordering follow up, inspection and delivery, storage and inventory control are included. The concept and strategies of buyer/seller negotiation and local purchasing and warehousing regulations and practices shall be emphasized

Learning Objective

  • To understand the role of a sales manager and his/her function in managing, planning, recruiting, motivating and controlling sales forces in organization.
  • To understand the introduction, Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Inventory Management, Purchasing. The students understand the definition of Purchasing Management as well as briefly presenting the potential benefits with working at a strategic level with purchasing activities for a corporation.



Books for this Course

  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, by Frank Reilly, Keith Brown, 2011.

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016