42118 Production & Operations Management

Course Description

The course focuses on methods and principles of operation/production management in manufacturing and service fields. The course offers basic methods of analysis in planning, organizing and controlling productive operations.

It utilizes models of for casting, location planning, facility lay out, inventory control, production scheduling, work design and measurement, quality control, project management and performance measurement.

Learning Objective

  • 1. Identify the major concepts of Production And Operations Management
  • 2. Illustrate the general concepts of overall plant and production management using appropriate analysis tools
  • 3. Utilize systematic planning and control of all production management activities
  • 4. Understand the purpose of setting and attaining high levels of throughput, quality, and customer service in terms of meeting needs (conforming to specification), delivery on schedule and after-sales service E
  • 5. Establish methods for maximizing productivity
  • 6. Optimize the use of resources which include: people, plant, equipment, tools, inventory, premises and information systems
  • 7. Understand the process of managing projects in accordance with a planned timetable to deliver required results
  • 8. Minimize manufacturing inventory, maintenance and distribution costs
  • 9. Determine the necessary steps to increase the levels of skill, motivation and commitment in the workforce



Books for this Course

  • Production/operations Management, by William J. Stevenson

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016