42117 Business Policy & Strategy

Course Description

This course concentrates on study of the process of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation. In complex business environments, analysis of external environment opportunities and threats; analysis of internal sources: strengths and weaknesses; planning the business portfolio, acquisitions and divestments: implication of strategy for organizational structure and change

Learning Objective

  • Knowledge. To encourage the understanding of the many, often conflicting, schools of thought and to facilitate the gaining of insight into the assumptions, possibilities and limitations of each set of theories;
  • Skills. To develop the student's ability to define strategic issues, to critically reflect on existing theories, to creatively combine or develop theories where necessary and to flexibly employ theories where useful
  • Attitude. To instill a critical, analytical, flexible and creative mindset, which challenges organizational, industry and national paradigms and traditional problem-solving recipes



Books for this Course

Course Prerequisite