42113 Commercial Bank Management

Course Description

This course aims to provide students with comprehensive idea on types of banks; its role, duties in the economic development. It also covers how banks started modern system of banking; its analysis, budget system and finally to give students general understanding of the financial analysis, the investment of banking system and its basic source.

Learning Objective

  • 1. Provide students with an introduction to the financial management of the commercial banking enterprise
  • 2. Afford students with an understanding of the basic issues involved in value creation and risk management for banking firms
  • 3. Equip students with the technical and analytical tools, and strategic abilities necessary to understand the evolution and workings of the commercial banking industry.



Books for this Course

  • Financial Institutions Management: A Risk Management Approach, 8th Edition , 2013 by Anthony Saunders and Marcia Cornett

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite