4125 Introduction to Sociology

Course Description

This course deals with the early beginnings and development of sociology and its relationship with other disciplines in social sciences. This includes discussion of basic concept like culture, personality, social culture,  social interaction, social processes and social system, discussion will also be devoted to other issues like social policy and its connection with societal problem: and finally the influence of change and development in              generating social problems.

Learning Objective

  • 1. View people’s behavior from a sociological perspective, discover your own sociological imagination, and apply it to a variety of social problems and situations
  • 2. Discuss the development of sociology as a science and differentiate it from the other social sciences.
  • 3. List at least five sociologists and their major contributions to the field.
  • 4. Describe the three major sociological perspectives—Functionalist, Conflict, and Interactionist—and analyze human behavior applying these perspectives appropriately.
  • 5. Explain the elements of a culture and how culture is different from society
  • 6. Explain the seven steps of the scientific research process and recognize appropriate research procedures in an experiment or an article describing research.
  • 7. Explain the relationships between social structure, social stratification, and the consequences of social status.
  • 8. List at least four universal social institutions and describe the characteristics of each.
  • 9. Describe how inequality and other social factors contribute to social change.



Books for this Course

  • Introduction to Sociology 8th edition By Anthony Giddens, 2011

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016