4117 Advanced Mathematics

This course includes the followings:

Functions: concept of function, Graphs of function domain and range, concept of a limit; laws of limit.

Differentiation: derivative of a function: technique of differentiation: the chain rule, high derivatives, derivatives  of trigonometric function, derivatives of logarithm scope of   curve.  Application of differentiation: Related rates, interval of increase and decrease, maximum and minimum points,   value theorem; Roll’s thheorem.   Integration: Definition of integration, the indefinite integral the definite integral.   Techniques of integration: integration by substituting  integration by partial fractions, integration by parts.

Learning Objective

  • To present the extension of the basic concepts, results and computational techniques of the differential and integral calculus for functions of a single real variable to functions of several real variables
  • To encourage or enable the student to become proficient in applying those concepts and techniques
  • To introduce students to the study of convergent infinite series and their applications to the study of functions of one or more real variables.



Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite