41130 Cost Accounting

Course Description

This course covers the scientific principles of cost and managerial accounting; it covers the nature and the objectives of cost accounting. It also covers the role of accounting in providing relevant intimation to help management in planning, control, decision making and performance evaluation.

Learning Objective

  • This course Provide students with a basic knowledge of cost records; cost behavior and allocation; product & period costing, inventory valuation, cost accounting systems, activity based costing and standard costing



Books for this Course

  • "COST ACCOUNTING 4th Edition By Jawaharlal, University of Delhi 2008 /1064 pages ISBN: 9780070221628 McGrawHill India Title www.mhhe.com/lalcostacc4e"
  • "COST ACCOUNTING Principles and Applications, 7th Edition By Horace R Brock, University of North Texas, Linda Herrington and La Vonda G Ramey of School Craft College 2007 (August 2006) / 704 pages ISBN: 9780072982480 ISBN: 9780071115605 [IE] www.mhhe.com/brock7e"

Times Offered

  • September 2015
  • January 2016

Course Prerequisite