33151 Developing English Language Skills

Course Description

The course introduces the students to effective communication skills through the English language. The aim of the course is to develop the learners’ capacity and ability to communicate well in the English language through developing skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing using the English language. It is meant to develop practical applications of these skills through various exercises in these skills. The course uses an integrated approach and therefore supports the acquisition of the skills through exercises and practice that emphasize the relationship between the aural, oral, visual and textual features of language as well as how to develop and use other structures of the English language like grammar, vocabulary and articulatory phonetics effectively. Students will be exposed to different communicative situations and how they can develop and use the skills in those contexts.

Learning Objective

  • • Use English language skills in communication
  • • Ability to communicate well through English
  • • Apply English language skills in different communication situations.