33150 Modern English Gramar

Course Description

This course develops the leaners’ study of English grammar and builds on the previous two courses on grammar. Therefore it connects to the previous study of English syntax and describes modern English grammar in more detail. This is an intensive course that examines closely different dimensions of English grammar. It will draw on recent research about the concept and description of grammar through examining carefully features of English grammar. The course will study the structural and communicative dimensions of English grammar. The course will study verbs and auxiliaries; the structure and semantics of the verb phrase; Nouns, the Noun Phrase and determiners; Pronouns; adjectives and adverbs; the semantics and grammar of adverbials; the simple sentence; sentence types and discourse functions; subordination and coordination; the complex sentence; syntactic and semantic functions of subordinate clauses; complementation of verbs and adjectives.

Learning Objective

  • • Define the various elements of grammar
  • • Construct correct English sentences
  • • Use English words and structures correctly • Demonstrate good understanding of English grammar rules and usage • Discuss the structures and functions of grammatical elements